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Feature-getriebene, aspektorientierte und modellgetriebene Produktlinienentwicklung

Multistage Process Management Tool

The development of Software using software product lines can be departed in three main stages having different levels of abstraction. One goal of the feasiPLe research project is to develop a central tool for managing all development stages.- from modelling the product line up to instantiating a single product.

For a comfortable management of the development process a multistage process management tool is nice to have. Such an all-in-one solution integrates all needed development tools. It provides an easy to use user interface for accessing every tool in a common way. Due to this, the data can be easily exchanged between the tools and incompatibilities between them can be avoided.

A multistage process management tool provides an overview of the total progress of the whole software process. Furthermore it supports the development process by providing wizards and trough making sure that all steps are handled.

In addition a workflow based management tool can be used to coordinate the manufactoring processes. The tool organises the chronological order of each task and shows which task are still open. It standardises the processes. If a time component is included deadlines for the tasks can be defined. Automatically generated emails could be send if a mailing component is included in the tool. That would be useful if there are several processors of dependent tasks. An email can inform about the completion of a prerequired task.

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