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Research Project feasiPLe

Feature-driven, aspect-oriented and model-driven Software Product Line Development

Description of the feasiPLe project

A software product line (SPL) represents different variants of a software in a certain market segment. The economic benefit of product lines lies in the ability to share a common code base between all variants of the software resulting in a noticable reduction of effort compared with isolated solutions.

Despite the high economic impact of software product lines, still there are only a few projects in industrial software development which have been developed systematically in the form of a product line. A particular reason is the lack of usable tool support and methodology. This project aims at evaluation the existing approaches in the domain of software product line development and combine them with promising new technologies like aspect-oriented software development and model-driven development into a solution which is usable in practice. We suggest an extension of the classic model-drive development for product lines: AO-MDSD. This extension will use aspect-oriented techniques, offer sophisticated concepts for the modeling of product variants and will be embedded into a feature-driven development process.

The industrial partners plan to use this project to extend their strategic positions in this important key technology significantly.

The academic partners plan to use the results of the project, beside scientific results, to enhance the systematic education of their students in the engineering of software product lines.